BCI's logo is a circle embracing the kanji character used in words to express mutual aid or reciprocity.
Maiyim Baron, Japanese Technical Interpreter, at work.
Maiyim Baron, Japanese Technical Interpreter, at work.
Maiyim doing cross-cultural training in Yonezawa, Japan

Our team members are highly educated masters of our native languages and are also extremely proficient in our respective second languages. We combine our talents to give you great translations and interpretation in both Japanese and English.


We translate the meaning, the sense, the tone and the subtleties that make Japanese and English unique, using the skills of natives in each language and working together with you to reach the people with whom you want to communicate.


Full editing and proof-reading ensures the optimum accuracy of our translations.


When interpreting, we strive for perfection and we communicate excellently to provide you with the best source- to-target language interpretation possible. We guarantee your privacy and confidentiality at all times.


Add our professional, accurate service to your team to make sure the language barrier is no obstacle to what you want to accomplish.


Maiyim Baron began studying Japanese in St. Louis, Missouri at age 15, and first went to Japan when she was 19 to attend Waseda University in Tokyo.

She is living proof that yes, foreigners CAN learn Japanese, and has enjoyed teaching others through her love of the Japanese language and her depth of experience and understanding of Japanese culture. She has trained extensively to develop her interpreting skills, and her grasp of the interpreter’s role and legal protocol make her a valuable team member in legal situations. Some of her favorite projects have been working with investigative journalists, and she has played crucial roles in the interviews and research that have gone into articles for many Japanese newspapers and magazines. Maiyim also works in web site and video production and localization, both as interpreter, translator and project coordinator. She loves the “geeky guys” she works with for a number of high-tech development firms that have Japanese engineering partners, and can consume almost as much caffeine as the best of them, especially on projects like installing new production lines in manufacturing facilities. From 2004 to 2012, Maiyim was resident in Japan working on a number of research and translation projects, including making a number of Japanese museums accessible in English. Now residing in Boston she is available for interpretation needs in the US and Japan, where her status allows her to work,  with clearance for deposition work. Maiyim translates from Japanese into English as a team with members here and other native Japanese speakers,  polishing, editing and using her and eagle-eyed proofreading skills on translations of all kinds. 


  • High-tech engineering
  • Design and development teams
  • Manufacturing plant equipment
  • Installation and testing
  • Production and sales meetings
  • Medical and legal situations including depositions in the U.S. and in Japan. Courtroom experience includes 13 years of trial work.

Melinda Iverson was born in Seattle, WA and went to Japan with her missionary parents at age 2. She went to Japanese kindergarten and then to international schools in Nagoya and Kobe. She returned to the USA for college and studied film production at San Francisco State University. She has been a film and video producer, designer and arts event manager. Among her clients are Dentsu and Hakuhodo advertising agencies, Subaru, the Boeing Company, Microsoft and Paramount Pictures. She produced "Another Story of the Earth," "Mohitotsu no Chikyuu Monogatari," for Fuji TV for four years. She has done numerous localization projects from English to Japanese as producer and voice talent.

Melinda's native fluency in Japanese and familiarity with Japanese aesthetics, combined with her experience in brand development, makes her an excellent designer for all projects requiring development of Japan friendly graphic designs. Besides this, she is a darn good general interpreter. 



  • Arts and Media
  • International arts project
  • Production and publicity
  • Video production and management
  • Voice over “talent”,
  • Branding and graphic design for the Japanese market.

Toshiteru Homma holds Masters degrees in bioengineering from Clemson University in South Carolina, and in electrical engineering from Yamagata University, where he currently teaches computer science. He also taught web engineering and information systems design at Touhoku University of Art and Design.

After 10 years of study abroad and 8 years in Tokyo working for a large Japanese corporation as a researcher, he returned to his beloved native Yamagata in the beautiful mountains of northern Japan, where he is very active in revitalizing the local economy there, using the power of the internet.

Mr. Homma is a valued and vital member of our translation team, whose critical research keeps us abreast of current Japanese terminology, technology and business practices.



  • Technology
  • Web site localization
  •  Japanese search engine registration.

Michiru Suzuki Michiru Suzuki

Michiru Suzuki received her B.A. from Kansai University of Foreign Studies in Osaka, Japan, and also studied linguistics and cultural anthropology at Washington State University.

Micki, as she is called, brings her deep understanding of cultural issues in both America and Japan to bear on her work consulting in international business and cross-cultural business relations. She was Vice President at Bank of America's International Division, serving as the primary marketing officer for the bank's corporate business and Japanese correspondent banks for twelve years. Her skills in interpreting in financial matters are unsurpassed.

Micki brings her considerable expertise to bear on delicate issues in translation and interpretation.

She is the consultant to our consulting team, and we frequently rely on her broad knowledge base.


  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Financial and Investment Planning

Administrative Office of the Trial Court,  Massachusetts, Office of Court Interpreter Services

Abbott Laboratories
Applied Precision Engineering, Inc.
Asymetrix Learning Systems, Inc. /Click2learn.com
Atlas Copco (Formerly The Robbins Company)

Berklee College of Music / Tokyo College of Music
Chugoku Broadcasting Co.
City of Kobe - Foreign Affairs Division, Sewage Works Bureau

Comverse Business Telecom Solutions
Cooper-Standard Automotive
Davis, Wright, Tremaine
Digital Systems International
District Courts of King, Kitsap, Pierce,Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties
Eddie Bauer

Postgres EnterpriseDB/ Daiwa Institute of Research, Business Division
Evergreen Partnership
US Federal Court
General Electric
Holland & Knight LLP

Honeywell Corporation

Hubspot International Inbound Marketing Software

International Judo Federation
Japan Business and Legal Translation
Japan Medical Supply
King County Bar Association
Kurashiki Kako Co., LTD /Lumberman's Homes
Masuda Medical Instruments Co. Ltd.
Merwin Creative
MicroEncoder, Inc. / Mitutoyo Japan

Ministry of Supply, Boston-based high performance business wear men's  brand / Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd
Mono Magazine, Japan
Nagoya City Fire Bureau EMT Training

US ARMY Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center/All Nippon Nonwovens Association(ANNA)

New York State Office of Emergency Mgmt / Emergency Management Office, Kyoto Pref. Gov't.
Northwest Justice Project
Osaka College of Nursing

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.
Pacific Rim Acquisitions
Pannell,Kerr,Forster C.P.A.

Perfecto Mobile Inc. Mobile Application Testing
Perkins Coie, LLP
Quinton Instrument Company
Seattle Video Bureau
Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association

Sophos IT Security
Spark Media
Starbucks International
Taihei Machinery Works

Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Company

The Robbins Company

Tohoku University of Art and Technology

Tokyo GL Homes


Vaccon Vacuum Products
Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings

WGBH Educational Programming, Boston

Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum
Yamagata Prefectural Museum
Yamagata University

Baron Charms International Services was founded in 1990 by Maiyim Baron and Owen C. Charms.

Both of them had considerable experience in Japan and in hosting Japanese visitors who were involved in many civilian educational and artistic exchange programs. With ther fluency in Japanese and their lifelong love of Japanese people and their language, along with Japan's literature and culture, they started Baron Charms International Services.

Working with the Protocol Office of the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle launched the company, whose next big contract was for a JETRO ( Japanese Trade Ministry) mission to Seattle . The original team of interpreters on that project includes people who practice the art of professional interpreting at the highest levels. The company grew from there, and doubled its business year after year, adding skilled people to the team, and drawing from a pool of resourceful specialists for specific projects.

Baron Charms International Services provides language facilitation services specialized in Japanese. Our team includes highly technical interpreters and translators, who are professionally trained and know the ethical standards and confidentiality practices of our profession. Please see the Our Team page for details of our creative team of talented translators and interpreters, who also have multi-media talents and production and marketing experience in Japan .

For the creative side of Maiyim Baron see HennaGaijin.org.

Professional Activities

  • 2016 Elected to the Board of the New England Translators Association
  • 2014 CERTIFIED Interpreter, Administrative Office of the Trial Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 2013 - 2015 Chairperson, New England Translators Association Annual Conference
  • 2012 Court Interpreter, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of Court Interpreter Services
  • 2011 - 2012 Translator for the Yamagata Prefectural Museum to make facilities accesible to non-Japanese clientele
  • 2009 - 2010 Translator and Interpreter at the Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum and  the Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum.  Employed by the Yamagata Municipal Culture Foundation to make facilities accesible to non-Japanese clientele
  • 2004 - 2012 Teaching and doing research, resident in Japan.
  • 2002 - 2006  International Planning Group, Wellesley, MA. Japan focused research and translation in finance and investments
  • 1989 - Present Owner/ Manager of Baron-Charms International, providing interpretation, translation, and cross-cultural training/consulting services focused on Japan.
  • 1997 - Present Listed in the Washington State Office of the Administrator for the Courts as a Qualified Court Interpreter.
  • 1997 - Present Authorized by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to provide medical interpreting.
  • 1985 - 1995 Served actively on the Board of the Seattle-Kobe Sister Cities Association. Chaired the 35th Anniversary Celebration, a year long exchange project.
  • 1985 - 1993 Served actively on the Board of Directors of The Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival. Served as Executive Secretary 1987-1990.
  • 1980 - 1984 Visitor Program Officer, Seattle World Affairs Council. Arranged itineraries/logistics for U.S. State Department visitors.

Professional Education Highlights

  • 2015 CCHICore Certification in Medical Interpreting
  • Spring 2015 "An Introduction to American Law", University of Pennsylvania course
  • 2012 Continuing education, Office of Court Interpreter Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 2011 Cross Cultural Communication Systems "Art of Medical Interpreting" Training
  • 2011 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level Two certificate
  • 1997 "Interpreting in Court: A Practical Approach", 80 hour training offered by the Office of the Courts and Seattle Central Community College.
  • 1996  “Bridging the Gap” Medical Interpreter training offered by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program
  • 1995 "Interpreting in Mental Health", course offered by Asian Counselling & Referral Services.
  • 1995 "Court Interpreter Training", course offered by the Office of the Administrator for the Courts of the State of Washington and Washington Academy of Languages Translation and Interpretation Institute.
  • 1993 "The Art of Interpreting", course offered by Central Seattle Community Health Centers Hospital Interpretation Program, and the Council on Interpreter Training. Consistent participant in the Medical Interpreters FORUM, bi-monthly specialized training.
  • 1993 - 1999 Instructor, North Seattle Community College, "Basic, and Continuing, Functional Japanese".


  • 1973 - 1974 Graduate degree work in Japanese Studies at University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
  • 1969 - 1973 B.A. in Chinese and Japanese awarded by Washington University, St. Louis, MO.
  • 1970 - 1971 Kokusai-gakubu (International Program) of Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Professional Associations

  • Active member ATA, the American Translators Association
  • NETA, the New England Translators Association, 2013 Conference Committee
  • NOTIS, the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society

We are a team of professional Japanese interpreters and translators in the following fields:


Depositions, Trial Preparation, Courtroom Interpretation, Attorney-Client Interviews, Immigration, Patent Protection.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical devices and equipment, Conferences, Training, Presentations, Patient-Provider Encounters.


Acoustical, Mechanical Industrial, Hydraulic, Electronic, Integrated Circuits, Medical Instrumentation, Measurement and Flow Technology.

Media Services

Web site translation & republishing, Video Editing, Subtitling and Journalistic Tours a Specialty.

IT and Software Development

Cross Cultural Programming, Research & Development Teams, Documentation Planning, Specification Sessions, Marketing & Release Planning.